Add swanky, sexy new cabañas to the list of reasons to visit Playa Costa del Sol, one of the nicest beaches in El Salvador. Opened in August, Tortuga Village Resort offers an atmosphere that’s a remarkable combination of beach-club-style service and boutique beach hotel design.

The resort has eight round, wooden, two-story cabañas. The ground level of each is open-sided and fully furnished. Upstairs is a cozy bedroom with 2-3 double beds, A/C, amazingly comfortable Tempur Touch­ mattresses (made with technology designed for NASA), cable TV and Wi-Fi. Though only two are technically waterfront, all of the cabañas have a view of the beach. And what a beach.

El Salvador is well-known for its surfing, but beaches that are good for surfers are often too rough, rocky or steep for swimmers. Not the case with Playa Costa del Sol which has soft black sand, swimmable surf and a long, straight stretch that invites (and rewards) shell collectors. Fishermen from the neighboring village will be your only beach companions as they watch the waves and wait incredibly patiently for the perfect time to cast their nets.

Sea kayaks will be available for rent soon, the deep sea fishing in the area is said to be superb. Surfing lessons are about to be added for guests of Tortuga Village Resort.

If the surf isn’t your thing, Tortuga Village Resort has two big pools. The weirdly un-tiled concrete bottom makes the water appear murky at first glance, but the water is actually clear. Built in chase lounges and a tumbling water feature make it easy to stay in all day.

Tortuga Village Resort takes its name, in part, from the green turtles that nest here every year (June through October). Owners Tono and Vanessa have been working for 20 years to protect the turtles and their next project, in partnership with Salvanatura, will see the conversion of a neighboring pool into a salt water rehab facility for injured turtles.

Concern for nature extends to the resort itself. All water is collected rainwater, waste water is used to water and fertilize the garden, the cabañas were built from local organic teak, and solar panels will be added shortly. The whole resort was built around a stand of a dozen mature palm trees so that none had to be cut down.

Tortuga Village Resort is located right next to La Hola, an iconic beach restaurant that’s known for the quality of the food as well as its prime beachfront location. Less than an hour from the capital San Salvador, Tortuga Village Resort is just 20 minutes from the international airport, making Costa del Sol a smart (and relaxing) first or last stop. Or make it your base for your entire El Salvador vacation. The country is the size of Massachusetts and all major attractions in El Salvador (sprawling national parks, impressive volcanoes, charming colonial cities, bucolic coffee growing areas) are accessible as day trips from Costa del Sol.

Rates from: US$125 double occupancy including a full breakfast served on your patio.

Tortuga Village Resort
Boulevard Costa del Sol
Km 66 ½, La Paz, (next to Restaurant La Hola)
Phone: + 503 2531-0771

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