Our latest freelance travel stories include luxury hotels in Patagonia, the woman revolutionizing horseback riding in Chile, and how to explore Cartagena, Colombia.

Untacked explora horse travel

Our first feature for UnTacked magazine, an equestrian lifestyle publication associated with an organization called Chronicle of the Horse, tells you about a fascinating French trainer who’s revolutionizing horseback riding adventures in Chile. The story also delivered our first cover! Eric’s wonderful shot from the Atacama Desert in Chile is on the cover and Karen is in the picture.

American Airlines Vacations Cartagena

The city of Cartagena is the most popular destination in Colombia for a reason. Our latest piece for American Airlines Vacations tells you how to explore this coastal hot spot.

Luxury Latin America tierra del Fuego Reviews

Prior to the pandemic, we were also busy thoroughly vetting many of the best luxury hotels in the Patagonia region of Chile for Luxury Latin America including:

Go inside this sheep ranch inspired lodge in our review of Remota Patagonia Lodge for Luxury Latin America. Understand the epic history of this luxury hotel in our review of The Singular Patagonia for Luxury Latin America. And see why explora luxury all-inclusive adventure lodges continue to be one of our favorite hotel brands on the planet in our review of explora Patagonia also for Luxury Latin America.

And in other news, CNN Travel published this detailed interview with us.


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