9 years of full-time travelWe managed to remember our road-a-versary this year and it got us thinking. When we drove out of New York City in 2006 and began this little road trip adventure through the Americas, Facebook was only available to university students. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had yet to publish the first Twitter message which read “just setting up my twttr” (way to set the tone, dude…). Senator Barack Obama was still months away from announcing his first Presidential bid. Colombia was dangerous and Venezuela was safe. The US publishing industry had actual money to pay freelance travel journalists. And we were driving a shiny new truck.

Roadaversery 9 years traveling on the road

Us celebrating nine years on the road in northern Peru.

Today–nine years, 13 countries, more than 50 border crossings and nearly 165,000 miles (265,541 km) later–we are on Las Pocitas beach near Mancora on the northern coast of Peru celebrating nine years on the road.

There’s so much more in front of us (like 90% of South America) and we can’t wait to see what’s down the road. Thanks for coming along for the ride and a very, very special thanks to those of you who have not just come along for the ride, but have chosen to support our journey through Patreon where you can choose your level of support per post published on our travel blog. It’s a very real way to help keep us on the road and keep our travel blog ad-free. Thanks.

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