People often think that we’re constantly enjoying warm temperatures here in Latin America. Not true. Ever heard of the Andes? It gets seriously cold up in those snow and ice-covered mountains at high altitudes. That’s why we’re now traveling around with two pairs of Mahabis Classic slippers. Designed in London and made in Europe, we like to call them the un-slippers. We wore ours for the first time at our friend’s house in Bogotá, Colombia–a city at 8,400 feet (2,560 meters) where most homes have tile floors and no heating.

Mahabis unboxing

Unboxing our Mahabis.

What we love about our Mahabis

  • They look great, not granny
  • The wool blend upper and 100% wool lining are durable
Mahabis hammock

Mahabis chillin’.

  • The fleecy wool inside the slippers and a built-in support system make them super comfy and wool is a great temperature moderator – our feet never get sweaty
  • You can easily step into and out of the slippers
Mahabis slippers

Morning Mahabis with the outdoor sole on.

  • The neoprene heel flap can be flipped up over your heel for extra warmth in really cold situations, or left down under your heel allowing a bit more ventilation in balmier temps
  • They come with removable rubber soles that are available in fun colors, are easy to snap on and off and turn your slippers into grippy, rugged, indoor/outdoor shoes perfectly capable of walking down the drive to get the paper or venturing onto the patio to enjoy a cup of coffee with the sunrise

Mahabis with a view.

  • Even without the removable rubber soles, the slippers themselves have a sturdy built in sole that prevents slipping
  • We’ve been told that there’s a story behind the name Mahabis, but it’s “top secret” and we love a good mystery
Mahabis fireplace

Fireside Mahabis.

Two not so lovable things

  • You can’t really wash Mahabis except by wiping them down with a damp cloth – luckily, the wool blend uppers have proven to be really dirt resistant and the wool inners are naturally smell resistant
  • They tend to run a bit small  (Eric’s are too snug to wear comfortably with the neoprene heel flap up), so choose a size slightly above your normal shoe size when ordering, especially if you might want to wear your Mahabis with socks on

Why Mahabis slippers are great for travel

  • Leave the rubber soles at home and they become super light
  • They pack very flat and don’t mind being crushed in luggage or backpacks – they just spring back to life when you slip your feet into them
  • Headed to a hot climate? Mahabis recently introduced Mahabis Summer slippers which are made from cool, breathable mesh and come in lighter colors too

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Mahabis gave us two pairs of slippers and soles to use and review


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