Our latest published freelance work includes travel stories about how to travel to São Paulo, attending a festival in Peru during which locals re-build the last remaining Inca bridge using nothing but grass, an examination of the goofy (but vital) mating dance of the Blue-footed Boobie, and where to sleep on the only private island in Lake Titicaca.

DeltaSky magazine Sao Paulo

Our second piece for Delta Sky (the in-flight magazine for Delta Airlines) is a comprehensive guide to São Paulo, Brazil–from where to sleep to what to eat to what to do–for five very different types of travelers. Get your itinerary here.

American Way Magazine Queswechaka bridge peru

Our first piece for American Way (the in-flight magazine for American Airlines) takes you inside an annual festival in Peru during which the country’s last remaining grass bridge is rebuilt by descendants of the Incans who first created it.

SilverSeas Blue Footed Boobies

We’ve seen Blue-footed Boobies in the Galapagos Islands and in Baja, Mexico and we thought we’d learned quite a bit about them. However, we learned a lot more about this distinctive species–in particular, the bird’s dorky but definitely vital mating dance–for our first piece for the new Discover by Silversea travel blog.

Isla Suasi Lake titicaca


In Peru, there’s a hotel located on the only privately-owned island in Lake Titikaka, the highest navigable  lake in the world at 12,506 feet (3,812 meters). Go inside the Isla Suasi Hotel in our review for LuxuryLatinAmerica.com.
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