Looking outside my window right now I’m faced with 30 mph winds blowing the first snow of winter sideways in 20 degree weather that feels like nine degrees when you factor in the wind chill. This has got me thinking (no, dreaming) about a place where that never happens. A place where the sun shines all year, the breezes are always gentle and the margaritas flow. A place called Casa de Mita.

Formerly Casa Las Brisas (until Las Brisas forced them to change their name), this boutique hotel is a haven of casual, well-tended serenity in the often over-the-top world of accommodations at or near Punta Mita on the Nayarit coast of Mexico. While the Four Seasons and St. Regis hotels in Punta Mita are, no doubt, terrific they can feel like a cacophony of uniformed staff and golf dates. Casa de Mita, on the other hand, maintains a sense of anything-goes relaxation and intimate service.

That service is lead by Lalo who greeted me on arrival not just with his infectious good humor but with guacamole and a margarita by the pool. While my luggage was whisked to my room I was left with no choice but to relax and take in the view.


The eight room hotel is located on a rocky rise over Playa Calleros which is not a private beach but is never crowded either.  I gravitated to one of the wonderful double-wide daybeds overlooking the beach where I lounged on pillows under the shade of an overhead canopy and vowed never to leave.

Then my margarita needed refilling and that’s when I re-thought my views on swim up bars. The beautifully blue-tiled pool at Casa de Mita is irresistible and the submerged stools by the pass through bar into the hotel’s restaurant are the perfect place to literally chill out with another margarita. And why not? Rates at Casa de Mita are inclusive of all food and all beverages including alcohol.

This does not mean that meals are a routine affair. Fresh baked breads accompany traditional Mexican delicacies like migas at breakfast, dinners feature entrée choices like great steaks or red snapper in orange sauce. The cuisine at Casa de Mita is so renowned that many non-guests try to get reservations for dinner and the only complaint I heard from the full-house of guests during my stay at Casa de Mita was “too much good food!” But we all know that’s not really a complaint when you’re on vacation.

Each of the six rooms and two suites at Casa de Mita are individually decorated with lots of light, imposing and artistic furniture and a studied use of color. All rooms feature a full range of generously sized Aveda products in the opulent bathrooms with gorgeous handmade tiles, thatched roof balconies facing the ocean and sheets that look and feel like cool, creamy milk plus a spacious, homey feel that’s only enhanced by the presence of the owner’s  charming, friendly and well-behaved dogs.

Casa de Mita is part of the Mexico Boutique Hotels group, which is good since I had to call MBH’s consummate concierge, Rocio, for directions to the hotel from the road since there’s no sign for the turn off to Casa de Mita (while the hotel’s street address is romantic it was too vague for my GPS gizmo). Marc, the hotel’s owner, told me he likes being hard to find because he doesn’t want random traffic to the hotel. It’s also usually not an issue since Case de Mita enjoys a very healthy return guest rate.

Well, that was a nice mental vacation. Now back to the snow and wind outside my window where it has literally just occurred to me that “wind” is part of the word window.

Rates start at $525 in high season (January 1 to May 15) and from $445 in low season (May 16 to October 31). Holiday rates in December and January start at $595. Rates are inclusive of all meals and all beverages including alcohol. Children over 16 are welcome. Book five nights and Casa de Mita will provide airport transfers (less than an hour from the international airport in Puerto Vallarta) at no extra charge. Reserve your room through Mexico Boutique Hotels and you’ll also earn exclusive discounts on  purchases at the hotel’s small but well-appointed shop.

Casa de Mita
Calle Playa Calleros
Punta Mita, Nayarit
Phone: 52-329-298-4114


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