We love adding new magazines, newspapers, and websites to our roster of outlets for our freelance travel stories and we love saving readers money on awesome trips so our very first piece for Woman’s Day, full of freebies and tips that will keep your family travel budget on track, was a win/win for us.

Woman's Day Summer Vacation Ttravel

If you’re looking for vacation destinations close to home that deliver some of the charm of Japan, Russia, or Germany check out our latest feature for the travel section of the Toronto Sun newspaper which gives you the where and when for planning trips that are so near and yet so far

Toronto Sun Travel - Squint and your in

And we’re continuing to contribute great food and drink pieces to TheLatinKitchen.com, the foodie digital spin-off of Latina magazine. In our latest pieces we get coffee experts from some of the world’s top coffee producing countries to spill the beans about how to buy, store, and brew the best coffee possible and tell you all about Demente Tapas Bar, the hippest new addition to Cartagena, Colombia.


Visit our Travel Features page and our Hotel & Restaurant Reviews page to see all of our freelance travel stories.


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