Thanks to our SPOT Satellite Messenger you can see our exact Trans-Americas Journey road trip driving route in Honduras and El Salvador in October 2011. This month we’re also introducing a brand new “Where We’ve Been” feature: time-lapse video created with pictures taken every 10 seconds by a GoPro Hero HD camera mounted on our windshield.

We began the month of October 2011 just outside the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula. We quickly headed into El Salvador (successfully this time) via the Honduran town of Santa Rosa de Copan. We crossed into El Salvador at El Poy and drove straight to the wonderful colonial town of Suchitoto where we spent a bit more time than planned due to devastating rains that hammered the region for 10 days.

From there we went to the surprisingly pleasant capital city of San Salvador. We left the capital and went to Cerro Verde (Volcanoes) National Park and ended the month in the low-key, art-filled town of Ahuachapan on the Ruta de Flores.

Check out the video made using images taken by our new GoPro HD camera which has been working hard taking snaps of our entire driving route which we then compile into video so you can see exactly what we see out on the road (only much, much faster). You can thank extraordinary musician and friend Scott Metzger for writing the Official Trans-Americas Journey theme song which you hear in this video.

As always, you can zoom in, move around, and check out our SPOT Satellite Messenger driving route map, below, in satellite view.

October 2011 Road Trip Driving Route in Honduras and El Salvador

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