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Street art–including murals, paste-ups, and more–jazz up many Latin American cities, including the capital of Peru. Here are some of our favorite examples of street art in Lima.

street art barranco peru

Street art in the Barranco neighborhood of Lima, Peru plus some very obliging passersby (artist unknown).

Jade Rivera barranco street art

We first encountered the work of Jade Rivera in Bogota, Colombia where his giant mural called The Kiss is famous. Jade is based in Lima and you can find a number of his pieces including the examples shown here in the Barranco neighborhood.

street art lima peru

A mural by Nestor Madalengoitia (left) from his scratchboard series and a mural by Mandala (right).

barranco lima peru steet art

Peruvian artist Alexandra Wendorff, who created this street art in Lima, is one of a small but growing number of female street artists.

street art lima

The Barranco neighborhood of Lima is, by far, the artsiest, and many walls have been turned into canvases. Top; By Lu Yorlanodianazue, and Stfi!. Middle: “Peru Lives” condor mural (artist unknown). Bottom: By Werc.

elliot tupac graphic art Lima

Peruvian artist Elliot Tupac, who is a muralist inspired by typography of traditional Peruvian signage, has created a style called Chicha Art. His studio is in Barranco (left) and you can see his work all over the city including some uplifting messages such as “Think with the Heart” (right).

entes pesimo barranco street art

Entes and Pesimo are Peruvian urban artists we first encountered in Bogota, Colombia. They produce work individually and have also been collaborating since the 1990s (as Entes y Pesimo). Here’s a selection of their collaborative work found around Barranco.

me too street art lima

A different MeToo Movement by artist Betsy Casañas calls for equality.

A Peruvian hairless dog spray painting by Alonso Rivera aka Ceyzer  (left) and graphic faces in primary colors by Amadeo Gonzales  (right).

street art lima paste ups

A collection of paste-ups and other small works seen around the Barranco neighborhood (artists unknown).

fania 3rd eye street art

The work of Bronik (left) and Fania (right).

lima peru street art

This bridge in the Barranco neighborhood of Lima has become a favorite outdoor gallery (artists unknown).

barranco street art

Artists unknown.

street art lima murals

Murals around Barranco. Top: Artist unknown. Middle: By Werc  Bottom: By Desde Un Arbol.

lima street art

Street art in Barranco (artists unknown).

barranco peru street art

Left: Artist unknown. Right: By YakoArt.

Yandy Graffer lima street-art

Murals by Yandy Graffer in the Barranco neighborhood and in Monumental Callao just north of Lima.

murals callao peru

Street art like this is helping to fuel the revitalization of the Monumental Callao area just north of Lima (artists unknown).

think act wandering soul always fly hi

Inspiring street art in Monumental Calloa includes statements like (left) “Think & Act”, “Wandering Soul”, and  “Always Fly High” and (right) “Ferocious Callao” (artists unknown).

djlu callao peru

Another artist we first encountered in Colombia is DjLu whose work can be seen around the world including these murals in Monumental Callao.

gabz lpa street art callao

Left: By GABZ. Right: By GABZ and Oz Montanía.

lesivo street art callao peru

Colombian street artist Lesivo has a number of works around Monumental Callao.

entes pesimo callao

Some of the work of Entes y Pesimo in Monumental Callao.

callao peru street art

Left: Fiasco. Right: artist unknown.


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