“This job is so for you!” That’s our friend Nikki D talking after we told her we were applying for a Really Goode Job as Lifestyle Correspondents for Murphy-Goode Winery in Healdsburg, CA. It’s a sweet gig but they’re not just giving it away. Nope. All applicants have to submit a 60 second video job application.


The making of our very Goode video

Mexico’s wine industry is growing and improving, but it’s centered mostly in the Valle de Guadalupe area of the Baja Peninsula. Here in central Mexico tequila is king.


Since tequila has an official geographic denomination, like Chianti and Champagne, and only stuff made in approved areas with approved ingredients can legally be called tequila. Which brings us to the El Cascahuin Tequila Distillery in El Arena just north of Guadalajara on the Ruta del Tequila.


We figure Murphy-Goode will get plenty of video applications shot in vineyards, so why bore them with another one? Instead we headed into a rolling field of gorgeous blue agave with our trusty Flip Video camera and a stack of cue cards and our iPod and a whole crew of supporters including Javier there in the background, Carlos (whose family owns El Cascahuin) and our littlest guest star, Tedeo.


It was hot, it was dusty, and blue agave is brutally sharp (yes, there was blood) but we had a ball shooting our application video complete with our own theme song written by our friend, the amazing Scott Metzger, art help from our friend Iliana, and post-production polishing courtesy of Nikki D, who was the very first one to come right out and say that this job is so for us.


Here are some outtakes from the video shoot and check out more about our application.


And here’s our finished video:


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