We recently bragged about a very, very fast border crossing. However, we just blew that record out of the water while crossing from Chile into Argentina at the Paso Los Libertadores border crossing. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it…

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2022: Pandemic restrictions have changed some procedures at this border crossing. You now need to fill out and print a DDJJ sworn declaration in order to exit or enter Argentina. Also, this border no longer has integrated facilities. All Argentinean exit and entry procedures are now done exclusively at the Los Horcones facility. All Chilean exit and entry procedures are now done in their new building at the Los Libertadores Pass. Check here for current entry/exit requirements for Argentina. Check here for current entry/exit requirements for Chile.

From: Chile

To: Argentina

Date: July 1, 2019

steps switchbacks paso libertadores chile

Looking down on switchbacks called The Steps on the Chile side of this border.

Lay of the land: As you head up to Los Libertadores from the Chile side you will drive past a toll station. If you are in your own vehicle, be sure to stop there to pay the 2,200 CLP (about US$3) toll and receive the necessary Temporary Importation Permit form. Soon you’ll be climbing up through a series of switchbacks called The Steps. At the top, at 10,500 feet (3,200 meters), is the Los Libertadores border station. Don’t stop at the facilities there. Instead, continue descending down the other side. You’ll travel through the Cristo Redentor Tunnel (the actual border between Chile and Argentina passes through the tunnel) and emerge in Argentina on the other side. About 12 miles (20km),  after passing the entrance to Aconcagua Provincial Park and just before you pass the Puente del Inca, you’ll reach the integrated station for exiting Chile and entering Argentina. The joint facilities are in a large metal shed. Big cargo trucks do their border business even further down the road, so they don’t clog up the works here.

Paso Libertadores Chile border

When entering Argentina from Chile, you pass these Los Libertadores border facilities and head to a joint border facility further down the mountain instead.

Number of days given: We got 90 days and the truck got 6 months  which is, by far, the longest temporary importation permit we’ve ever received

Fees: None

Vehicle insurance needed: You must have third party insurance for your vehicle in order to drive legally in Argentina. When we crossed into Argentina from Bolivia we bought a long-term policy that covers us in the MERCOSUR countries of Argentina, Chile, Perú, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

Paso Cristo Redemptor Argentina-border

Welcome to Argentina.

Where to fill up: Generally speaking, fuel is cheaper in Chile, so fill up in Chile unless the Argentinean peso remains down as it was when we crossed this border. It pays to check. The first reliable gas station on the Argentina side is in Upsallata about 50 miles (85 km) after the Los Libertadores pass.

Need to know: This border can close for up to several days if there’s heavy snow or severe weather because the switchbacks on the Chile side (called The Steps) become impassable. You can check the status of the pass here. Also, you lose an hour in the South American winter months when entering Argentina from Chile because Chile observes daylight savings time but Argentina does not. This border operates 24 hours a day for part of the year, but from June they start winter hours which are 7 am to 7 pm Argentina time (8 am to 8 pm Chile time).

Duty-free: nope

Overall border rating: Fastest and easiest so far

Get details about how this border crossing works in the opposite direction in our post about crossing the border from Argentina into Chile at Paso Los Libertadores.


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