There’s plenty of impressive large-scale monumental mural street art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These large-scale works represent the vision of Argentinean and international street artists like the extremely prolific Ron, Nase, El Marian, Alfredo Segatori, Pinta Argentina, Sabek, JAZ, and others inspired by pop culture, history, politics, and more.

Mural street art in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here are some of our favorite examples of the playful, pointed, and powerful work of muralists and street artists in Buenos Aires who believe bigger is better.

Ron selfie mural buenos aires

Ron painted this large “selfie” with Nase contributing the background artwork.

martin ron mural buenos aires

Ron painted this large mural which is called The Tale of the Parrot.

Martin Ron Maradona mural Buenos Aires

This epic artwork by Ron covers a 14-story building and is said to be the world’s largest mural of Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona.

Martin Ron murals Proyecto Casa Amarilla boca

Ron did these four murals as part of Proyecto Casa Amarilla in the La Boca area of Buenos Aires.

martin ron AMIA memorial mural

Buenos Aires has the 6th largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel. On July 18, 1994, a bombing at the headquarters of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AIMA) in the city destroyed the building, killed 85 people, and injured more than 300 others. It was the largest terrorist attack in Latin America and the deadliest anti-Semitic attack outside of Israel since the Holocaust. Ron painted this work, called Wall of Memory,  adjacent to the rebuilt AMIA building. 

AMIA memorial murals Hospital de clinicas BsAs

These three murals, painted on the Hospital de Clinicas, were done to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the AIMA terrorist attack in 1994 (a crime that has yet to be solved and is mired in corruption and obfuscation). The middle mural was painted by Ron and represents the doctors and nurses who saved many bombing victims. The mural on the left was done by El Marian and portrays the rescue of people from the rubble. The mural on the right was done by Mariela Ajras and is called Pedido de Justicia (Demand for Justice).

Alfredo Segatori panda mural buenos aires

This playful depiction of pandas sharing a thermos and mate cups was created by Alfredo Segatori and is called Panda Pandemial.

Alfredo Segatori giraffe mural buenos aires

Mirando Miranda by Alfredo Segatori.

Saint Diego Maradona mural Alfredo Segatori La Boca

This giant mural of Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona, by Alfredo Segatori, is called San Diego del Barrio de La Boca (Saint Diego of the Boca Neighborhood) in a nod to Maradona’s many years as a player on the beloved Boca Juniors team.

Segatori El regreso de Quinquela mural

Covering more than 2,000 square meters on two full city blocks of warehouses, El Regreso de Quinquela, by Alfredo Segatori, is considered to be the world’s biggest mural by a single artist.

Alfredo Segatori Silos Areneros Buenos Aires

Alfredo Segatori painted a still-functioning distribution point for construction sand (left) near the port in Buenos Aires. At one end of the sand silos (right), he used recycled materials to create a portrait of Benito Quinquela Martín, the noted Argentine painter whose work focused on the port area. Benito Quinquela Martín is also the inspiration for the mural in the previous image which shares his name.

Gaucho mural Buenos Aires Jim Vision

Gaucho (with a can of spray paint) was done by UK artist Jim Vision.

Mariela Ajras buenos aires mural

These two murals, by Mariela Ajras, can only be properly seen from the roof of the Museo de la Ciudad Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Museum). On the left is La Memoria y Las Mujeres (Memory and Women), and the work on the right is called Mañana Inmenso (Immense Tomorrow).

Caballo en bicicleta buenos Aires ARYZ

Caballo en Bicicleta (Horse on a Bike) by A R Y Z.

mural de los suenos buenos aires

Tiny Plaza Luna de Enfrente in the Palermo neighborhood is home to two large murals. On the left is Sueños del Mundo (Dreams of the World) by Pinta Argentina. On the right is Sueños Migrantes (Dreams of the Migrants) by Guido Palmadessa.

Caballo Chucaro mural buenos aires sabek

Caballo Chúcaro (Wild Horse) by Spanish artist Sabek.

teta & salta bulls mural buenos aires

The bulls Teta and Salta by JAZ.

Soda Stereo mural buenos Aires Kiki

Soda Stereo which was one of Argentina’s biggest rock bands by Kiki.

salidas mural Spear Leticia Bonetti BsAs

A very large mural by Belgian street artist Spear and Argentinean artist Leticia Bonetti.

David mural Jorge Rodriguez Gerada BsAs

A worn and faded mural by Cuban artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.


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