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Porteños love their pizza, particularly if it’s weighed down with thick crust and mounds of oozy cheese. However, the city’s pizza palette is expanding and a number of true Napoli-style pizzerias have opened in the city. We’re all for this trend, so here’s where to get great pizza in Buenos Aires.

El Cuartito pizza in Buenos Aires

Head to historic El Cuartito for a slice of classic porteño-style pizza, then explore the best of a new wave of Napoli-style places to get pizza in Buenos Aires.

Best Napoli-style pizza in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a big town and there’s plenty of room for plenty of different styles of pizza. We recommend that you give Argentinean favorites such as cheese-drenched muzza and onion-topped fugazzeta a try–especially at one of the city’s porteño pizza institutions including El Cuartito (pictured above), Güerrín, or La Mezzetta. For those (like us) who prefer lighter Napoli-style pizza, here are six outstanding places to get pizza in Buenos Aires.

When we were in Buenos Aires, Argentina was going through yet another massive shudder in its economy which meant that menu prices were changing daily in some cases. Therefore, we have not included specific prices in this post.

Siamo nel Forno

pizza in Buenos Airs siamo nel forno

Behold, our favorite pizza in Buenos Aires from certified authentic Napoli-style pizzeria Siamo nel Forno.

Opened in 2010, this place was an early adopter of Napoli-style pizza and it’s still one of our favorites. The wood-burning oven at Siamo nel Forno, in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood, turns out pizzas with a thin, chewy, salty crust topped with a range of traditional high-quality ingredients. Try the faina (chickpea bread) too while you’re at it. The wine list is small but smart, the salads are great, the service is good, and the simple room is charming. They don’t take reservations and Siamo nel Forno is only open at night. In 2024, Siamo nel Forno landed the #16 ranking on the list of 50 Top Pizza Latin America and it should also be noted that, as of this writing, Siamo nel Forno is the only pizzeria in Argentina that has received official certification from the Vera Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) certification organization.

Ti Amo Pizzeria

Ti Amo pizza in Buenos Aires

Make the trek to Ti Amo Pizzeria for treats like these.

Carola and Victoria Santoro were on vacation in Italy when lightbulbs went off. “Hey,” they thought. “We like this style of pizza. Maybe we should start making it back home in Buenos Aires.” We’re paraphrasing here, but Susana,  the sisters’ gregarious mother, told us that story and she also told us that the sisters taught themselves the art of pizza making on the internet (mainly YouTube). In 2020, the Santoro sisters opened Ti Amo Pizzeria in a peaceful and historic suburb of Buenos Aires called Androgue and it’s absolutely worth the 1.5 hour (each way) train journey to get there from Buenos Aires. Just off a leafy plaza you’ll find the pizzeria with a large outdoor seating area and a tiny indoor space with a few tables and a massive wood-burning pizza oven. Off the short menu, we chose the sorrento pizza which is topped with tender sliced potato, flor de latte mozzarella, and zingy mascarpone cheese with lemon which keeps the whole scenario bright (above right).  We ordered the diavalo pizza extra spicy and it came topped with thin and delicate slices of pepperoni (each slice almost melts in your mouth) and rings of pickled red pepper that are sweet then truly spicy (above left). Ti Amo crust is rich and indulgent yet somehow also simple and light and they never put onion or garlic in their tomato sauce to let the natural sweetness shine. They also offer an approachable wine selection. In 2023, Ti Amo Pizzeria landed at #38 in a respected annual ranking of the best pizzas in the world and, in 2024, ranked  #3 on the list of 50 Top Pizza Latin America. Note that the Santoro sisters opened a Ti Amo satellite location in La Sorellana Restaurant in the Colegiales area of Buenos Aires city. However, it’s not the same as the original location out in Androgue.

Gordo Chanta Pizza

Gordo Chanta pizza Buenos Aires

Style and creativity keep folks coming back for more from the small but compelling selection of seasonal pizzas at Gordo Chanta Pizza.

During the pandemic, the founders of La Favorita and Boticaria opened Gordo Chanta Pizza on a corner in the Villa Crespo neighborhood in a building that used to be a pasta factory. Gordo Chanta (which allegedly got its name from a derogatory nickname given to one of the owners) began as a takeout and delivery operation but now has indoor and outdoor seating. A gas and wood combo oven turns out just a handful of types of pizzas each night on crusts that are light with a pleasant sour/fermented aspect. When we were there, Gordo Chanta was offering three pizzas topped with seasonal fruit. We were tempted by the creativity of these pizzas, but went with a special pepperoni pizza drizzled with hot honey which was rich and bright (above bottom right). The wine selection is intriguing, but some of the other menu items were confounding (Mexican-style corn, for example). Note that pizzas here are on the small side while prices are on the high side.

Electrica Pizza

Electrica pizza in Buenos Aires

Good pizza, good beer, and all-day hours make Electrica Pizza a go-to in Buenos Aires.

Located in an old electrical supply shop (many of the original faded signs were left intact), Electrica Pizza is an easy-going indoor/outdoor place with a rockin’ soundtrack and cold craft beer to go with their pizzas. Their masa madre crust is chewy and wonderful and the toppings are solid. In 2023, Electrica Pizza landed at #73 in a respected annual ranking of the best pizzas in the world. Pro tip: the rest of the pizzerias in this post are only open at night. However, Electrica is open for lunch and stays open all the way through dinner and beyond.

Atte. Pizzeria Napoletana

Atte. Pizzeria Napoletana occupies a large space in the Palermo Hollywood area of the city. Lights are dim, tables are cozy, service is brisk, and the pizzas–out of a wood-burning pizza oven–are great with chewy crusts and fresh toppings. In 2024, Atte. landed the #10 spot on the list of 50 Top Pizza Latin America and Atte.’s growing reputation is attracting celebrities as well. Dua Lipa was recently snapped with a slice here.

Bar Roma

bar roma abasto Buenos Aires

Bar Roma combines neighborhood history with a modern take on Buenos Aires-style pizza (and more).

The co-owner of Bar Roma, in the Abasto neighborhood of Buenos Aires, literally wrote the book on Buenos Aires-style pizza. Then he started wondering why other styles of pizza were being celebrated and tweaked in the city, but not the beloved fugazetta (a sauceless pizza piled high with cheese and thin slices of red onion, white onion, and green onion). To remedy that, he and his partners rescued and rehabilitated a bar notable (notable bar) that dates back to 1927 and re-opened it as Bar Roma. Here, the pizza oven churns out respectful reinventions of porteño style pizza using dough made with organic wheat. One pizza is inspired by tango icon Carlos Gardel who lived nearby. And lighter more traditional pizzas are also on offer. Delicious empanadas, a creative vermouth-based cocktail menu, plus beer and wine round out the casual good times. Hot tip: Any large pizza can be ordered half and half which means you can try two different types of pizza in one pie.

Bonus: pizza is not only fun and tasty, it can be an economical meal as well. For more recommendations about where to find quality food on a budget, see our post about cheap eats in Buenos Aires.


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