Day 78 of our Journey

Montana’s famous big sky fans out over a lot of history in this part of the state including the modern face of a copper mining boom town, the birthplace of the Missouri River, and the Lewis and Clark legacy.

Hello Montana.

Classic big sky country views Just outside of Yellowstone National Park.

On the Lewis and Clark trail in Bozeman, Montana.

Birthplace of the Missouri River

Missouri Headwaters State Park in Three Forks, Montana is where the Madison and Jefferson Rivers converge to create the Missouri River. It’s also one of the spots where the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped in 1805.

The confluence of the Madison and Jefferson Rivers marks the official beginning of the Missouri River in Missouri Headwaters State Park.

The beginning of the Missouri River.

Boom Town Butte

At the end of the 1800s, Butte, Montana was one of the biggest and richest boomtowns ever made presperous (and notorius) by copper. Those boom times are long over but architecture and ambinace from those days remain.  Butte is also the birthplace of daredevil Evil Knievel and home to one of the largest Irish populations in the US.

Entering Butte, Montana.

The remains of one of the mines that made Butte boom.

The remains of one of the mines that made Butte boom.

Boomtown architecture of Butte, Montana.

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