The Saturday market in Otavalo, Ecuador may be more famous, but the weekly market in Guamote, Ecuador is more legitimate. Every Thursday, vendors bring their goods and set them up for sale around the Guamote train station. You won’t find tourist tchotchkes here, but you will find traditional hats, livestock (including cuy), fresh vegetables, and much more along with locals bargaining hard for the things they need. Get a glimpse of local life in our photo essay about the Guamote market.

sheep Guamote Market

Guamote Market Ecuador

train station guamote market

produce guamote market

shopping Guamote market Ecuador

Guamote indigenous market

Guamote Market

guinea pigs Guamote market

buying cuy Guamote market

hats guamote market

children guamote market

pigs guamote market

llamas guamote market

livestock market guamote ecuador

market guamote ecuador

The Guamote market is a featured stop for passengers on Ecuador’s Tren Crucero. Learn more in our post about the Tren Crucero luxury train adventure in Ecuador.


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