Thanks to our SPOT Satellite Messenger you can see our exact Trans-Americas Journey road trip driving route in El Salvador in November 2011. And we’re continuing with our newest “Where We’ve Been” feature: time-lapse video created using pictures taken every 10 seconds by a GoPro Hero HD camera mounted on our windshield.

We started the month of November in the mountainous, coffee-and-flower-growing Ruta de las Flores region of El Salvador. From there we drove down to El Tunco Beach on the coast, then back through San Salvador to go falconing in a park on the edge of the capital city. Then we returned to Suchitoto before heading north to Metapan where we went white water rafting and nearly visited Montecristo National Park (the road was closed).

From there we drove across the Northern Mountains to La Palma, with a stop along the way where Eric got thrown from a horse and fractured two ribs. This was, officially, his worst birthday EVER.

That injury meant that we had to drive back to San Salvador for x-rays, doctor appointments, and rehab. When we finally left the capital city went drove back to the coast to recuperate in Costa del Sol, the port city of La Libertad and Barra de Santiago. From there we visited El Imposible National Park (yes, that’s its real name), then headed back to Santa Ana to visit our friend Chalo and his wife.

We ended the month by finally heading to the eastern half of El Salvador to visit the town of Alegria and its volcanic crater lake.

See where we drove in November in this time-lapse video shot through our windshield and brought to you by our GoPro Hero HD camera. You can thank extraordinary musician and friend Scott Metzger for writing the Official Trans-Americas Journey theme song which you hear in this video. NOTE: Eric fractured his ribs and Karen took over the driving at around the 8:20 mark…

See what all that driving looks like on paper in our map, below.

November 2011 Road Trip Driving Route in El Salvador

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