Almost every time we check into a campground we’re asked the same question: how many children and how many pets? Which got us thinking…about getting a dog!


Grady hanging out in the Airstream.

His name is Grady. He doesn’t bark. He doesn’t shed. He doesn’t drool (or have any other unpleasant bodily functions). He just sits quietly and adorably on the arm of the lounge in our Safari SE (which he’s color coordinated to match) and relaxes on our Astroturf front lawn right next to the flamingos which he never, ever chases. Grady also loves to ride in the truck (what dog doesn’t?) and play in the great outdoors, so he’s the perfect pet for us. Did we mention that Grady is stuffed? Here are some of Grady’s favorite Airstream Travel stops so far.

Grady trying to keep cool in the Black Rock Desert.

Grady enjoying houseboating on Shasta Lake.

Grady visiting Canyonlands National Park.

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