Day 11 of our Journey

Despite seeping exhaustion, another trip out to the fairgrounds was in order to check out the second-weekend music. Eric Lindell brought it so hard that it stopped us in our tracks even though we were on our way out of the fairgrounds for the day. When we finally did break free, we got lucky and hopped into what has to be New Orleans’ only yoga cabbie. He proclaims that service is his religion, plays meditation tapes unless you request otherwise, and is generally a welcome respite from the craziness just outside the car. Trust us when we say this is a true New Orleans find (504-473-8257).

Eric Lindell on the Fais Do Do stage.

Can you hear me now?

Saturday night brought what has become a Jazz Fest tradition: Second Saturday late night with Hairy Apes BMX at Le Bon Temps Roule.

Our friends Weize and Nikki having a butt moving x-perience with Karen during the Hairy Apes BMX show.

In a town and a venue known for anything goes gigs, this band pulls out the stops—and often pulls off all the clothes—for a crowd that dances up a storm until way past sunrise (BMX does stand for Butt Moving Xperience, after all).

Karen backstage enjoying the hell out of Gov’t Mule, her personal favorite.

No nakedness this year, but enough of a good time that we didn’t get home until 9 am and slept through the final day of the fest. Let the good times roll, indeed!

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