Thanks to our SPOT Satellite Messenger you can see our exact Trans-Americas Journey road trip driving route in Honduras during the month of July 2011.

We started the month on the island of Utila, one of Honduras’ Bay Islands. After some SCUBA diving we returned to the mainland and went white water rafting on the Rio Cangrejal. Then we drove back to Copan, partly so we could have more of the awesome, small-batch, German-style beer being brewed here. After a quick pass through San Pedro Sula we went down to Lake Yojoa where we visited the D&D Brewery (more beer!) followed by a night in nearby Cerro Azul National Park. From there we passed through Comayagua and on to a town called Gracias where we arrived in time to catch the parades and fireworks during one of Honduras’ most important festivals. Then it was time to cross into El Salvador, unfortunately border officials had other ideas and we were turned away at the border, forcing us to head back to Gracias where we ended the month of July.

Zoom in, move around, and explore our road trip driving route in Honduras in our map below.

Road Trip Driving Route July 2011 in Honduras

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