Once a upon a time there was a popular recurring feature on our travel blog called “Where We’ve Been.” These posts included a quick rundown of the area’s we’d traveled through on our little road trip during the previous month along with a time-lapse travel video taken by a GoPro camera mounted to our dashboard. Unfortunately, the GoPro doesn’t actually take time-lapse video. It takes thousands of stills which Eric then had to painstakingly knit into a  time-lapse video.  It was extremely tedious and time consuming and that’s why we abandoned the “Where We’ve Been” posts about four years ago.

Recently, however, we learned about a new camera from a company called Brinno that’s designed specifically to take time-lapse video. Game changer. Once we figured out how to mount it on our dash,  our Brinno TLC200Pro was good to go. Now our Brinno takes time-lapse video as we drive and we can reinstate our “Where We’ve Been” posts without hassle.

March 2016 South American road trip in Ecuador and Peru

We started the month in Cuenca, Ecuador then traveled to nearby Cajas National Park then south to Saraguro, Loja, Podocarpus National Park, and the Puyango Petrified Forest before crossing the border into Peru where we explored Tumbes, Mancora, Chiclayo and Lembayeque, Sipan, Tucume, Pacasmayo, Cajamarca and the coastal city of Trujillo.

Check out our South American road trip driving route in Ecuador and Peru during March 2016 in our time-lapse travel video, below, brought to you by Brinno.

And here’s a map version of our road trip driving route in Ecuador and Peru during the month of March 2016.

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