In March of 2016 we brought back our monthly “Where We’ve Been” feature after adding a Brinno TLC200Pro to our arsenal which makes creating time-lapse video fast and easy. Here’s time-lapse video and maps which let you see what we saw during our South American road trip in Peru in April 2016.

April 2016 South America road trip driving route in Peru

We started the month of April 2016 in the coastal city of Trujillo, Peru then we headed south to Lima down the Pan American Highway which hugs the coast here through dramatic dunes-to-surf landscapes. After some time getting our feet wet in Lima we drove slightly further south to the beach town of Paracas to check out the desert-y Paracas National Reserve. Then we returned to Lima before flying back to the Galapagos Islands via Guayaquil, Ecuador.

It’s not a lot of miles, but the Pacific coast scenery is some of the most breathtaking coastal driving we’ve done in a long time. Check it all out in our Brinno drive-lapse video for April 2016, below.

And here’s a map version of our South American road trip driving route in northern Peru during the month of April 2016.

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