Thanks to our SPOT Satellite Messenger you can see our exact Trans-Americas Journey road trip driving route for October and December in Mexico and Guatemala. Why no November route map? Well, our Trans-Americas Journey took a little hiatus from late October through the beginning of December so we could go back to the United States for a bit and travel to Antarctica on assignment.

finca argovia mexico

Sunrise behind Volcano Tacana at Finca Argovia, one of the coffee farms we visited in Mexico.

Road trip driving route in Mexico & Guatemala

We started October 2010 in the city of Veracruz, Mexico and from there we went to Oaxaca and explored the city and the Oaxaca Valley. Then it was a direct shot down to Tapachula on the border with Guatemala, where we explored a couple of coffee farms in the mountains above the city. We left Mexico on October 20 as our visas were expiring and drove straight to Guatemala City. We spent a few days there before we got on a plane and flew out for our little Trans-Americas Journey diversion: Guatemala -> California -> Buenos Aires -> Antarctica ->New York City-> Guatemala.

October 2010 Road Trip Driving Route in Mexico and Guatemala

We arrived back in Guatemala City, then headed into the Western Highlands. First stop was Quetzaltenango (aka Xela) where we joined a hike up to a lofty viewpoint where we watched the very active Santiaguito Volcano do its stuff all night. We also visited nearby Laguna Chicabal before heading to Chichicastenango in time to watch them celebrate their big annual festival for Santo Tomas. Next up, Panajachel on the shores of Lake Atitlan then an end-of-year loop through the traditional village of Todos Santos and neighboring wide spots in the road way up in Guatemala’s Western Highlands.

December 2010 Road Trip Driving Route in Guatemala

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