Day 98 of our Journey

What do you do when you only have a day to explore Yoho National park, one of Canada’s most diverse and compelling parks? You head out on a trail that will give you a glimpse of it all, from glaciers to meadows to waterfalls to alpine lakes to snowy peaks.

Takakkaw Falls near the start of the Iceline Trail in Yoho National Park.

Hiking the Iceline Trail in Yoho National Park

The roughly 15 mile (24 km) Iceline Trail starts off from the Whiskey Jack Hostel with a bang, gaining a couple thousand feet in elevation during the first couple of miles. The trail is steep, but it delivers us to the top of a high ridge that then travels easily past glaciers before dropping back down through meadows, lakes, and forests. The descent is gentler than the ascent, so hike the trail in reverse if you prefer a longer, more gradual climb up. No matter which direction you take, the Iceline Trail is a full day hike—and a full taste of what Yoho National Park, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site as part of a group of Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, has to offer.

Takakkaw Falls and the glacier that feeds it as seen from the steep initial climb up the Iceline Trail.

Karen reaching the upper elevations of the Iceline Trail.

Glaciers at the top of the aptly-named Iceline Trail.

Karen enjoys a hard-won view on the Iceline Trail.

The Iceline Trail delivers forests, meadow, glaciers, lakes, and mountain peaks.

A mountain stream on the Iceline Trail.

A small lake on the Iceline Trail.

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park.

A fly fisherman works on the perfect cast in Emerald Lake near Emerald Lake Lodge.

Natural Bridge Falls in Yoho National Park.

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